miércoles, 1 de septiembre de 2010

Djokovic won an epic battle against Troicki

What happened yesterday between Serbians Novak Djokovic and Viktor Troicki, was a big battle. They played a very long and exhausting match where Djokovic demostrated all his experience in court against his friend who beat 6-3/3-6/2-6/7-5/6-3.
Before this match, they played four times, and novak won three of the games.
First round of Us Open met them again and both played a very intense tennis.
Viktor showed a very agressive way of playing that  Novak could not control at the begining. Its true that world number 3 won the first set, but after that the match was all   controlled by Troicki that took possession of  the second and the third set. Djokovic had to fight hard to survive on court. During the 6-5 at de fourth set, he broke Troicki serve (7-5) and finally took everything to a fifth set. The diference of a good player and a top ten is exactly what ocurred. Troicki could not take benefit of the bad moment that Nole was passing, also he started 1-0 and serving, but left Nole to react so...ended up loosing 6-3 in a very incredible match.
Djokovic will play against German Philipp Petszchner in search of third round of Us Open!

"I’ve been in those situations before, played a lot of long matches in very difficult conditions, feeling very exhausted. You kind of start panicking a little bit when you don’t feel great physically. Then your opponent takes the advantage. Definitely those moments are very challenging for an athlete. But I overcame it and that’s what matters most to me.”

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